Road Trip - Day 3

Sean knew of this place in New Mexico called the White Sands National Monument.  I didn't know anything like this existed in the United States.  It's like what you would imagine a desert to be; rolling hills of sand that go on and on and on, without end.  Except it's white and soft like powder.  It lives up to the New Mexico state slogan, boasting a land of enchantment.

From here, we drove about 3.5 more hours to Santa Rosa, NM.  It was out of the way for us, but well worth the drive to visit The Blue Hole, where the water is a constant 68 degrees.  There was a major and very unusual hail storm the day before, so there was SNOW on the ground!  The locals said, "it felt like the end of the world."  Most of it melted, but where it had been bulldozed into piles, it still remained.  (Not shown here.  Google it!)

It also happend to be The 4th of July, so we watched the town's impressive fireworks display, and set off a few minor explosions of our own.


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