Eric Kroll shoots Jackie at the Danger Wedding

Eric Kroll asked me to document him shooting Jackie.  I was obviously excited to do so.  Kroll is a unique guy.  He spent the whole weekend collecting beautiful, washed-up objects from the beach to create the head dress you see Jackie wearing.  He brought the corset she is wearing with him.
I really like this detail.  He has her in two different stockings.
 That's Kroll there in the mirror with his sombrero.
It all led up to this moment.  Kroll had this shot planned in his head the whole time.  I can't wait to see it.  Oh yeah... dig the socks!
Kroll was shooting to the right of me, at an angle that cut the kid out.  He said he doesn't shoot kids.  He shoots adult content.  Hahaha.  I thought this picture had to be taken.


  1. miss watching you work- eric kroll



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