Thank you to YOLO and Sean Murphy for taking me on this adventure as a photo assistant and second shooter.  Shane Sauer, creative director of YOLO did a great job putting together this massive production, and I can't wait to see what art director, Jake Meyer of iwdff comes up with from all the material.  Let's not forget Madra of M Public Relations.  Without her, none of us would even know each other.  "You Only Live Once!"  Here are a few of my snaps...

This photo got over 800 likes on the @stand_up_paddle instagram feed!  Follow me @raphyephoto.

Nicest guy you'll ever meet; owner of YOLO Board, Jeff Archer and his best friend, Flea.

We wouldn't know any of these amazing folks if it weren't for Madra McDonald of M Public Relations.  She's not just a PR person.  She understands people, becomes your friend, and matches you with people that make sense.

"Westy" AKA Michael Westenberger, not to be confused with EJ.  ;)

Rare sighting of an unusual swamp creature... The Murph

iwdff... or hold a light.  I've got your back.

Magruder, happy to lend a few awesome Defenders for the day

Sean Murphy finding a unique perspective

Shane doing what he loves most


  1. Beautiful photos, Raphye! What an incredible three days... looking forward to the next shoot!



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