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This was a fun shoot!  I had the best team I could ask for.  Our location was gorgeous.  The models were collaborative, creative, and outgoing partners.  The stylist and the hair & make-up person were flawless and efficient.  We started at 11 am and finished indoors at 2:30, then moved outside for another couple of hours.

This shoot did provide one interesting problem.  Even at a high ISO, I could not get a good ambient-light photo from inside the location unless a light was very near.  Normally I would bounce a head off the ceiling, but it as turns out, the ceiling was brown; a detail I will not miss again.  I wrapped a head in tons of diffusion and created a shape that was like a florescent tube, but it was still too hard and the shadows were unforgiving.  Shooting in the back part of the store proved to be a challenge, but I did get a few gems.  If I encounter this situation again, I will bring a bounce board, put it against the ceiling, and pop the light into that, and/or bring brighter bulbs to replace the ones at the location.  

Art Director: Christina Dittmar of Image Source
Wardrobe Styling by Gillian Robin Christie
Hair and Make-up by Blair Levinthal
Location: Co-op 28 Handmade & Vintage

Celisse Graves
Lip Latham
Simone Dawes
Raphael LaVont
Michael Peralta
Hannah Elder
Elissa Alcala

Camera: Canon Mark II 5D.  I used a Canon 50 mm 1.2 prime lens all day.


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